Clay Prints

OutprintWith the help of our experienced staff your child’s hands or feet are pressed into the clay to make a truly timeless and unique keepsake.

We specialise in outprints which are beautifully detailed raised prints made from the impression of your child’s hand or foot. After taking your prints, we mould the clay and pour a cast into it before allowing it to set. Finally, we paint the outprint to your desired effect using our special terracotta, gold and silver dust. We can even do it in a pastelised colour using our specialist paints.

We can customise the clay to any size you like, the possibilities at Jenny Wren’s are endless. You can capture one tiny hand print to treasure forever, or the whole household can come down and have a fun day creating the perfect family keepsake.

A framing service is also available at an additional charge with a variety of different colours and styles.


And don’t forget, all members of the family are welcome!