Take Away the Same Day

10357535_1460444517549657_8590242830759525791_nWe don’t just specialise in pottery and ceramics at Jenny Wren’s; we’ve got lots of items that you can paint and take home with you the same day!

Why not treat Grandma to a new apron or tea towel decorated with your little ones handprints? Or paint yourself a car sunshade for those long journeys in the holidays?

We have a selection of different sized canvas’ that you can decorate for your home or personalise with someone’s name as a special gift. Take advantage of our buy one get one half price canvas dealĀ on a Wednesday. For moreĀ information on our specials, click here.

There’s plenty more to choose from in store, pop in today to take your pick! 1794646_1417393735188069_2014050310365337970_n